The Clickery Team


Katie brings years of experience in beautiful portraiture and capturing lush color palettes that forever document the beauty and romance of the moment.
Running our California division, Billy is a pro at the action shot, his background in sports photography a perfect match with the excitement of the post-vow run back up the aisle, the bouquet toss and, of course, the always unpredictable dance floor.
Zack has a brilliant eye for catching perfect candids, full of intimacy and joy, perfectly framed

“There’s nothing like the feeling I get when I am capturing a moment between people. It could be a bride and a groom, brothers and sisters, new parents or best friends. It fills my heart with such joy.
 We do so much more than make beautiful photographs. We experience some of life’s most emotional and meaningful moments as people live them. Then we lock those wonderful feelings into photographs for our clients to relive everyday. 

Our lives are enriched by the joy and happiness that our photography brings to others.” – Katie